How Can Facebook Help Your Business? A Guide for Experts.


Brands connect with people not just by advertising, but by telling stories about what they do?

1. Build a content library that brings the story of your business to life

Images of your products
⁃ Behind-the-scenes insights
⁃ Seasonal offers

2. Use Advanced Ads to make your content work harder

Call to action buttons
Increase engagement
Native video
Share stories with more people
Mobile App Ads
Get more people to use your app

3. Try Advanced Targeting to reach the right people

Custom Audiences
Find your existing customers on Facebook
Look-alike Audiences
Find new customers similar to your existing ones

4. Measure your success with Facebook’s insights tools

Page Insights
See which posts drive the most engagement
Ad Insights
Divert your budget to your best performing ads
Conversion Pixel
See what people do after seeing your ads