We’re sponsoring the UEC at The Educate-North Awards
25th April 2017

On Thursday 27th April 2017, COMMITT Communications Ltd is sponsoring one of the cash prizes in the UEC at The Educate-North Awards. The event will take place at The Hilton Manchester Deansgate, staged by Carm Productions working in partnership with Prolific North and Don’t Panic Event Management. Educate North & UK Leadership Awards and Conference,…

Microsoft’s Ban on Easy Passwords
26th August 2016

The Ban on Easy Passwords Microsoft will now ban you from using a password if it thinks it’s too easy. Remembering all the passwords in your life might seem like a lot of effort but they exist for a reason. To help encourage better password etiquette Microsoft has taken the bold step of banning ‘easy’…

How Can Facebook Help Your Business? A Guide for Experts.
6th April 2016

Brands connect with people not just by advertising, but by telling stories about what they do? 1. Build a content library that brings the story of your business to life ⁃ Images of your products ⁃ Behind-the-scenes insights ⁃ Seasonal offers 2. Use Advanced Ads to make your content work harder ⁃ Call to action…

Apple Unveils NEW iPhone – On Sale TODAY!
31st March 2016

Apple unveils a new four-inch iPhone SE The new iPhone SE resembles an iPhone 5S however, now also produced in a new colour, Rose Gold. The exterior of the SE looks identical to the 2013 5S model but is powered with the same motion coprocessor as the 6S, making the SE twice as fast as…