DEVELOP: App & Software Development

We have a COMMITTed team of highly skilled, in-house developers to deliver bespoke solutions and meet your exact requirements.

  • Our team has over 15 years experience developing software

  • Custom-written Software

  • Software Support

  • Infrastructure Management

We'll guide you through the whole project from your initial specification and requirements through to development, testing and implementation.

Custom-written Software
When you’re responsible for technology in business you need a software supplier that feels like an extension of your own department. One that you can collaborate with smoothly. That you trust to follow through with solid and efficient solutions every time.
Working in partnership to determine the layout and functions of the software, custom-written software allows it will work exactly the way you and your business wants it to.

Our team are highly experienced and specialise in delivering the following:
- Alternative augmented communication solutions to non-verbal and autistic individuals
- Administrative and data analysis platforms for staff and organisations in the healthcare sector
- Communications software and platforms specifically for the logistic sector

Software Support
Once your software is built and is live we hand the responsibility for it back to you. This can be daunting. But you won’t be abandoned at this stage to think about support and about the important next steps by yourself. We already know each other very well and we anticipate continuing to work with you to keep things evolving for your business.
You don’t have to contract us to support you but our experience is that all of our clients carry on working with us to maximise their investment in the new software.

Infrastructure Management
This may be the last thing on your mind when you start talking to us about your software project but it is very important.
Here at COMMITT, we control and manage the servers that power your hosted software at our data centre and we are completely accountable for and committed to keeping things fast, efficient and up-to-date.